UPDATE:- Thank you everyone for taking part in the giveaway, we have chose the winner & invite has already been sent. Here you can view the debut shot of the winner: https://dribbble.com/shots/1664033

Hey! Everyone,

Today D2D turned 3, every year we do some kind of giveaway, last two years we did logo giveaway. But this year we are thinking giving away something different, something to Creative People. So we came up with Dribbble Invite. Every Creative designer wants to upload their works on Dribbble. And I know how difficult it is to get a Dribbble invite, I got the invitation for Dribbble for almost after more than 2 years of searching but I got the invitations to invite other Creative in just few days after I posted my first shot. Here you can see our first shot: https://dribbble.com/shots/1455964-Thanks-Chris-Hall

Dribbble Invite by Dzire 2 Dzine

Dribbble Invite by Dzire 2 Dzine

So I will be sharing two invite, one here & another one on Inspiration Wala blog, which we started today. You don’t have to do much, just share link(s) to your portfolio & the first shot you would be uploading to Dribbble (this one is optional). That’s it. After couple of weeks we will review all the request we got and send out the invite to the two best designers.


Sorry but ya there are some ground rules that needs to be followed:

  • You can’t take part in both places (Dzire 2 Dzine & Inspiration Wala), you can participate in any at anyone of them. If we found anyone participated in both then you won’t get selected.
  • And please don’t SPAM


Ya, we have some tips for you 😉

  • To increase your chance do share what you would share as your first shot once you get invited.
  • Don’t forget to provide link to your Dribbble profile.
  • Be sure to use your correct email address when you make comment, which you have used for creating your Dribbble account.

Feel free to connect with us on various social network: https://dzire2dzine.com/social/

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